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Our goal is to find the right match.

Our Story

Continental Labor and Staffing is a local, woman-owned business serving Kern County, California, since 1993. We believe in investing in our communities’ economy by serving local businesses and providing a quality and safety-minded workforce.

Finding The Right Match

The temporary staffing industry has a reputation for just sending bodies anywhere to do anything with no thought to fit. Our founders were determined to change that reputation by developing safety-minded, quality candidates for employers who value our employees as contributors to the growth of their business. We believe understanding a company’s business, culture and goals is key to finding an employee with shared values. This creates a healthy and robust employment relationship.

Committed To Your Success

Almost 30 years later, our goal remains the same: matching quality employees with quality business partners in the communities we serve. It’s not about being the biggest; it’s about being the best!


To provide our community, our employees, and our clients with proactive staffing solutions founded on dedication, quality, and safety.


To be the leader in staffing in each community we serve.

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Values. Culture. Beliefs.

Our company’s culture is built on these core beliefs and what we do to adhere to them:

  • Create partnerships with clients who share our belief that people are our greatest assets.
  • Recruit passionate, loyal, and career-oriented team members.
  • Build teams characterized by diversity, creativity, and empowerment.
  • Work with local partners in the communities we serve to promote a thriving and healthy community for all families.

  • Maintain quality, thorough communication with clients and employees.
  • Prioritize character along with skill in promoting leaders.
  • Remain committed to the professional development of each staff member.

  • Utilize lean business principles in pursuit of optimal efficiency.
  • Maintain policies and procedures that directly support our vision & mission.

  • Maintain the highest ethical standards in all business practices.
  • Establish strong standards for our team by communicating clearly stated expectations and processes of accountability.

  • Prioritize the health and safety of our employees as the cornerstone of our business.
  • Maintain a strong safety team to consistently and effectively deliver the principles of safe work practices to our employees.
  • Work alongside our client partners to create a culture that promotes safe work policies and procedures for our employees.

  • Leverage the best resources available to meet our employee and client's constantly changing needs.
  • Continue to stand on our company's principles as we reach for what is next.

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