It’s not just a word; it’s our culture.

If You BELIEVE In Safety,
You Will Act SAFELY

That’s our approach. Our goal is 100% accident-free work environments. Our process begins with a site visit to assess your facility. We use our observations to train and properly equip our employees. In each office, we have a Safety Advisor and training rooms dedicated to safety instruction.

Each Continental employee goes through safety awareness training before placement with a client. Since continued education is just as important as our initial safety awareness training, our employees are required to participate in ongoing Continental safety courses. We also open these classes to our clients’ employees to help foster the safety culture in our business partnership.

Safety Services Include:

  • Safety awareness training prior to and during job placement
  • Job site evaluations of all work environments
  • Weekly safety continuing education
  • Basic personal protective equipment issued to all employees

We’d be happy to discuss our safety program with you.