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We’re Better Together

Last week, Continental Labor hosted a blood drive and donations event in partnership with Houchin Blood Bank and The Bakersfield Homeless Center.  Staff, employees, client partners, family, and friends came together to donate blood as well as food, clothes, blankets, toiletries, and more.  One of our core values at CLSR is: “We will work with local partners in the communities we serve to promote a thriving and healthy community for all families.”  We do this every day by helping our employees find a great job to support their families.

But we are committed to doing more.

Events like this blood drive and donation event are part of our larger commitment to serve our community and give back.  It’s been part of the DNA of Continental since its founding almost 30 years ago.  Thank you to everyone who made this event a tremendous success.  Special thanks to our Client Services Specialist Kevin Mendoza for organizing and leading the effort.

We are going to continue to partner with great organizations to further the work of impacting others for good in our community.  If you would like more information about Continental Labor, who we are and, what we do, visit our website or call 661.635.0335.  Better yet, join #TeamContinental, and let’s work together to be a force for good in our community.

We’re Better Together.