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Everyone Is Hiring, Should I Get Back To Work? Why Go With A Staffing Agency Like Continental?

You see them everywhere right now: HELP WANTED or NOW HIRING signs.  It seems as though everyone is hiring.  Recent jobs numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (An official governmental report) showed that US unemployment remained unchanged in June, 5.9% or about 9.5 million working age people.  Conversely, there are currently also more than 9 million open jobs according to a June article from CNBC.  You can see that if everyone currently out of work simply responded to the currently open jobs, unemployment would drop significantly, almost to 0.   In another blog we will dig deeper into these variables.  For now, we want to focus on two questions.  Should I get back to work?  If so, why go with a staffing agency like Continental?

Should I Get Back To Work?

The answer is an emphatic, yes.  Previously the incentives coming from the government were intended to support someone who had to remain out of work because of COVID-19.  However, current stimulus payments are now coming in the form of state stimulus direct payments and federal stimulus payments coming as early tax refunds for parents.  What these two have in common is that they are coming NO MATTER IF YOU ARE WORKING OR NOT.  In other words, you can return to work and earn these stimulus payments.  Another reason why you want to get back into the job market now is that although there are many openings now, this will not remain this way.  At one point, jobs will get filled and if you are left on the outside looking in, it could be challenging finding that right job.

Why Go With A Staffing Agency Like Continental?

Although there are tons of open jobs out there right now, how do you know where to start?  How many applications are you going to fill out?  How many resumes are you going to send?  How many phone calls are you going to make?  With a staffing agency such as Continental, the answer is ONE.  You fill out one application and we do the rest of the work finding the best opportunities for you based on your goals, experience, knowledge, etc.   Secondly, companies turn to staffing agencies to help them find quality candidates.  Many large companies do not direct hire, choosing rather to exclusively work with agencies.  As a result, the only way to grab that job is through the staffing agency.  Another reason to utilize the services of an agency such as Continental is the flexibility it gives you.  Because you work for Continental, you can try on a new job for a trial period and if you don’t like it you can end your assignment there and find a better fit with a different client partner.

Let our staffing professionals at Continental do all the work for you to find you the right fit.  To browse our current job openings and apply online in minutes, visit

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